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January 24, 2008

With cold weather upon us, currently two below zero here, I thought I would post a couple of quilt photos. In a burst of domesticity I went shopping today. My book group is due at my house tomorrow, and this gave me the excuse to actually put something on the wall in my dining room. It has been bare since, let’s see…1998. Not that I am jealous, but they all live in new houses, and don’t seem to live in them, if you know what I mean.  A realator’s dream.  I couldn’t possibly compete, and don’t have any desire to, but I thought an update was not out of line.  As you can see, it is a huge wall, and the two items hanging on it were dwarfed by an expanse of white space. I hated to buy a quilt, but neither mom nor I have taken the time to make anything. Quilt presses (hanger thingies) run around $125 in town here, I need to get some oak and go into business. I did find this shelf thing though, and it was less than $50, but more than I had planned to spend. When I got home, I got out husband’s big drill, and screwed in a couple of screws while standing on the table. Don’t know what the ladies learned, but hopefully they learned women can use power tools. They probably learned to stand on the table.  The black thing in our dining room is the dangly from the ceiling fan, not something nasty on the wall.  Ansel Adams, I am not.

Quilt in dining room
Paul's quilt, front
Paul's quilt, back

The other quilt is the one I made for Zach. I bought the back several years ago, because I loved it. Mom found the design on the front, it was very easy. We did the team thing where she irons and pins and I sew. Makes things go pretty fast.

You will have to excuse my photos, I wasn’t able to stand very still.  Feel free to notice that the carpet has been freshly shampooed.  I did it for the first time ever.  From the looks of the water and the lack of stains on the carpet, I need to do this about once a year, rather than once every eight!  Jeez, look at the time, dialup took forever to load my photos, but I got the kitchen cleaned while I was waiting.