December 16, 2007

We went to church today.  They had a pageant, Lydia was Mary and Sarah was the angel.  They were the only two girls in our little church old enough to participate in the pageant.  Sarah is so little, and she was so intent on her role of walking up the aisle, it was cute.  Zach seems to have no intention of sleeping tonight.  He wore his tuxedo to church, and the little girl his age wore a beautiful dress, it looked like baby prom.

When we got home, Husband and I performed open door surgery on the dishwasher.  He was the surgeon, and I handed him instruments and cleaned the gunk out of the parts he removed.  It was nearly as gross as real surgery.  I run vinegar or koolaid through on a regular basis too.  He put it all together, ran a rinse, took it apart again and recleaned the thing and put it together again.  My glasses are transparent now!  You know, I don’t remember my parents doing this sort of thing, did we buy a cheap diswasher or are they making them cheaper these days?  This is the second time we have done this since 9 years ago when our old one went out over Thanksgiving and we bought this one new.  Maybe I should look into changing soaps, but I am not good at changing these types of things.  I still wear Levis, because I wore them in grade school. 

The only other excitement around here is that I am going with some friends to a larger town to shop tomorrow.  I hope to find myself some clothes. I have either been pregnant or trying to loose pregnancy weight since 2002, and my wardrobe looks like pre 2000.  I am not much of a group shopper, but I think I need advice on what is in style since it is no longer the 1980s.  I also need to pick up some gifts for my step-kids.  I haven’t seen them much in the last 24 months, so it will be hard to find something appropriate.

I guess Tuesday I will try to decorate for Christmas.  If I keep putting it off, it will be unnecessary!  I did take down the last of the Autumn stuff today.   Well, Zach is not happy, I better see what I can do about that.

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