Baby Zach Has Arrived

November 2007

Baby Zach blessed us with all 9 lbs of his presence at 7:00 am Nov. 8. Was I glad to get him out of me! His hair is kinda orange…it has been several generations since that has happened in our family. Maybe it is blonde and his red skin is reflecting. He is pretty agreeable. We got home Sat night and by the early hours of Sun we had two kids puking. Thank God Dad and Nanny were here to take care of us, as Hubby and I got sick later in the day. After some thought, we decided Sarah brought this plague upon us, as she got sick briefly Tues night, and she was the only one who didn’t get sick, her and Nanny, for whom we are still praying. Poor Tommy is still sick, both ends.

We were bummed because Husb had planned to auction for our church’s fall soup supper and auction Sunday. He hasn’t had the chance to use his skills lately, and was anxious to do this one hour auction, but we didn’t want everyone else to get our cooties.

Back to the hospital. We had our baby in a small town hospital, not the big town one. Out of four kids, this is the only time where I was not the only mother there. They have about 100 or so babies a year, and you get great service, and one of those rooms where you stay there through the whole time, unless you have a C section. The local quilter’s guild sends home a quilt with each new baby, and you get your very own nurse the whole time you are in labor. The big hospital in the big town has flat screen TVs and other amenities they brag about. I guess I would rather pay for good medical care rather than good TV reception in a hospital.

The hour is drawing nigh, and I better put this to bed, incase Zach is planning to pull his “I need 8 things done to me between 9 and 10:00 pm” stunt.  I have tried to upload a photo, but it will have to wait, since I am not having much luck.

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